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FCL5500 Controller / Transmitter
Free Chlorine Controller/Transmitter
FCL5500 Free Chlorine Controller / Transmitter
At different pH values, Chlorine forms different species in water. For a reliable free chlorine measurement, it's necessary to take pH and temperature compensation into account.

Wall mounting
IP65 rated: high luminance LED backlight, applicable to harsh environment.
Adopt integrated switching power supply module; high protection against electromagnetic
Menu-driven program that simplifies set-up.
Instant browsing all the settings in measurement mode, easy to master your working state
Scaleable isolated 0/4-20mA Outputs
Two relay circuits, users can select high-low control freely. Separately adjustable high and low
      set-point hysteresis(dead bands) prevent chattering of relays around the set points.
Third relay Cleaning/Alarm function; users sets the cleaning frequency and time
Temperature value offset adjustment.
Optional nanoampere electrode (80mA, 400mA)
RS-485 output
Waterworks Drinking water Swimming pool Food hygiene
Waterworks Drinking water Swimming pool Food hygiene
pH Range 2.00~12.00pH
  Resolution 0.01pH
  Accuracy 0.01pH
Free Chlorine
/ Hypochloric acid
Range 0~2.000mg/L or 0~20.00mg/L
pH compensation 2.00~9.00pH
Accuracy 0.001mg/L or 0.01mg/L
  Resolution 1%1LSD
Temperature Temperature Range -5.0 - +100 °C
  Range -10.0-110.0 C
  Resolution 0.1°C
  Accuracy 0.3 C
  Temperature Sensor NTC22K / PT1000
  Temperature Compensation Automatic
Signal Output Signal Output 4-20 mA (Adjustable)
  Current Accuracy 1% F.S.
  Load < 500 Ω
Data interface RS485 Yes
Relay Ouput On/Off 2 SPST Relays
  Output 2.5A 230 VAC
  Cleaning/Alarm Relays 1X 2.5A
Others Power 85~260 VAC or 24 VDC
  Working Temperature 0~60°C
  Humidity < 90%
  IP Rated IP65
  Installation Wall Mounting
  Dimensions (H×W×D) 160×188×108 mm
  Weight 0.7 kg
Model Specification images
FCL5500 Free Chlorine Controller / Transmitter
CS5530 Process Free Chlorine Sensor
CS5520 Process Free Chlorine Sensor
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